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The Skillet Diva

Bobbi Jo’s Latest Cookbook
The Skillet Diva leaves no stove unturned as she takes you on a culinary adventure across all 50 states. Travel with Bobbi Jo through 230 pages of delicious recipes and histories and discover the evolution of our uniquely American cuisine.

"In Grandmama’s house, you woke up every mornin’ to the smell of fresh coffee brewin’ on top of the stove and venison sausage fryin’ up in her cast-iron skillet. And when I was helpin’ her cook supper, right before we put the cornbread in the oven, she’d give me a big ol’ hug and say 'Bobbi Jo…Now we’re cookin’ with a right smart of Love.'"



Bobbi Jo Lathan

Latest Recipes

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