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Deprise next to her artwork at her gallery in
Paso Robles, California.
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Deprise Brescia

Deprise and her artwork at her gallery.
of San Robles, California

In celebration of my new "An American Gal's Cookbook" I have decided that in 2024, I will highlight some of the amazing American Gals from all  across our great country! And we begin with my good friend and incredible artist Deprise Brescia


She has lovingly embraced her community, finding her own unique way of giving back to our veterans ( , as well as encouraging local kids to express themselves through art ( I say, "Thank you, Mz. Deprise, for being such a beautiful American Gal, inside and out!" 


So, for all my creative cooks and bakers out there, (who are all artists!) I encourage you to visit my friend's beautiful Deprise Brescia Art Gallery in the wonderful town of Paso Robles, California. But, don't worry if you don't live can easily see all her incredible artwork, and jewelry, and even pyramid  beds (if you can imagine!)  online at as well as her own facebook page.

Deprise and her Sweet Daddy, Joe.
Click image for recipe!
Joe Brescia.JPG
 An American man named Joe and his tractor.

More to come in 2024!

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