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Skillets, Skillet, Skillets!

Okay, this may not be a Recipe of The Week; however, when people ask me what I like to cook with, I look at ’em and say: “They don’t call me The Skillet Diva for nuthin!” Yes, I love using good old-fashion cast iron skillets! They’re pretty inexpensive and you can use them on top of the stove, as well as, puttin’ them suckers in the oven. And once you season ’em, they are good to go – for years! And when I saw this America’s Test Kitchen Video, I just had to share it! I also have to admit my favorite manufacturer is Lodge – made in the USA!

In fact, we have a whole lotta Lodge cookware at The Skillet Diva: Store!  And while you’re there check out  In The Kitchen  for a large selection of essential cooking and kitchen items that are, well, essential! From cutting boards and knives, to mixing bowls, measuring cups and spoons. You’ll find a large assortment of prepware, bakeware, cookware, utensils and tools, as well as, potholders and so much more! We also carry aprons in all sizes (menfolk, womenfolk, and little-folk) so everyone can be in the kitchen cookin’ with a right smart of love, ’cause you’re never too young to learn to cook! Oh, and don’t forget them state-of-the-art Gadgets & Gizmos for well, those must-have kitchen gadgets.

For a great selection of  wild game and fowl, stop by Gourmet & Groceries, where you’ll also find a wide variety of organic products,  those “must have” pantry staples, an aromatic array of Balsamic vinegars, extra virgin culinary oils, delightfully flavorful coffees and teas, delicious honey, jellies and jams, as well as,  other gastronomic treats. You’ll also find some of the best selection of gourmet gifts, perfect for anyone’s favorite chef or out-of-town epicure!

And for the those really special one-of-a-kind eye-catching pieces, check out our Mackenzie-Childs Collection, which includes hand-painted black and white Courtly Check enamelware, perfect for your tabletop and home. This is honestly one of my favorite collections!

Oh, by the way… to get back to the main The Skillet Diva  site,  simply go to the navigation menu and click on Home.  Also, if you decide to stick around and shop a spell, clicking Store  returns you to The Skillet Diva: Store main page.

So, like I said, while you might be cookin’ with a right smart of love, now you can be shoppin’ with a right smart of love! Really!

Love and gumbo!


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