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Cheesy Bacon-Wrapped Jalapeño Poppers

Updated: Dec 31, 2023

I gotta tell you… I LUV my hot peppers! Now, not the kind that are so darn hot that they burn your taste buds off! But, ain’t nuthin’ makes your homemade cornbread, enchiladas, or just about any Tex-Mex food taste better than addin’ a little, freshly chopped jalapeño pepper! And nuthin’s better to serve up as an appetizer for all your football season parties, sweet 16 parties, or outdoor BBQ parties, than these here Cheesy Bacon-Wrapped Jalapeño Poppers!Dadgum! These poppers are really good! Try ‘em and let me know what you think!!! YUM!

Cheesy Bacon-Wrapped Jalapeño Poppers

Recipe by: Bobbi Jo Lathan

Recipe type: Appetizer

Cuisine: Southern


15 mins


20 mins


35 mins


12 fresh jalapeño peppers (sliced in half lengthwise/seeded and membranes removed)

8 ounce cream cheese (softened)

½ cup white cheddar (grated)

½ cup asiago cheese (grated)

1 teaspoon black pepper

1 teaspoon salt

1 teaspoon garlic powder

12 slices bacon (cut in half)


  1. Preheat oven to 400°.

  2. Git yourself a baking sheet and line it with parchment paper.

  3. Now, slip on some rubber gloves for safety. I just buy me a box of them thin latex gloves and use ‘em for everything from cleanin’ to handlin’ any hot peppers. (I learned the hard way that you DON’T wanna be rubbin’ your eyes after you’ve handled them peppers! Even if you’ve washed your hands afterwards, that jalapeno juice is still on your sweet little finger tips!)

  4. Slice each fresh jalapeño in half, lengthwise and remove the seeds and the inner membrane. I try to keep the stems intact.

  5. Set them aside while you make the cheese filling.

  6. Now, git yourself a mixing bowl and mix together the softened cream cheese, the grated white cheddar and asiago, salt, pepper, and garlic powder until blended.

  7. Next, fill each sliced jalapeño pepper with the cheese mixture, all the way to the top.

  8. Then, wrap each filled pepper with a half slice of the bacon. (If the bacon slides off, you can push a toothpick through the bacon-wrapped pepper to secure it, but remove the toothpick before serving - I only say this because I served these at a Cinco De Mayo party I was havin’ and a guest didn’t see the toothpick, popped it in his mouth and almost choked on it! Lordy!)

  9. Place your prepared peppers on the cookin’ sheet that you lined with the parchment paper.

  10. Bake them in the 400° degree oven for 20 minutes until browned and crispy. And they are ready to to be served! YUM!!!


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