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Bobbi Jo’s Skillet Breakfast

Updated: Dec 31, 2023

Homemade Hearty Breakfast Skillet

Dadgum! Sometimes you just flat-out need a big hearty breakfast! And if you don’t want to spend all day in the kitchen (i.e. bacon in one skillet, potatoes in another, eggs in yet another), here’s a recipe where you can make it all in one big skillet! Fast, easy and simple. Now don’t forget to serve it up hot from the oven with some of my sister Linda’s Angel Flake Biscuits! YUM!

Bobbi Jo's Skillet Breakfast

Recipe by: Bobbi Jo Lathan

Recipe type: Breakfast

Cuisine: Southern

Serves: 4


15 mins


10 mins


25 mins


2 medium Russet potatoes

4 strips bacon

½ white onion (finely chopped)

1 large red bell pepper (finely chopped )

2 cloves fresh garlic (chopped )

¼ teaspoon salt

¼ teaspoon ground black pepper

¼ teaspoon cayenne pepper

4 large eggs

⅓ cup sharp cheddar cheese (grated)

Chopped fresh cilantro or parsley for decoration


  1. Preheat your oven to 400°.

  2. Peel your potatoes and rinse them off and dry them.

  3. Now, git a large mixing bowl and using the largest holes of your box grater, shred your potatoes. Line a big lasagna-sized pan with two or three sheets of paper towel.

  4. Put your shredded potatoes into the lined pan and top with two more sheets of paper towels and press down hard so the paper towels can absorb most of the moisture from the potatoes.*

  5. Next, put your skillet on the burner and lay your bacon strips in the skillet.

  6. Turn your heat on medium and cook that bacon on both sides. (Don’t let it git too crispy because it’s gonna cook more in the oven later with the potatoes.)

  7. Now, take the cooked bacon out of the skillet and let it drain on some paper towel and cool down.(You’re gonna crumble the bacon when it cools and add back into the skillet casserole.)

  8. Add the chopped bell pepper and onions and garlic to the hot bacon drippins’ in the skillet. Give them a quick toss with a wooden spoon to coat with the bacon drippins’.

  9. Once the onions are transluscent, add the shredded potatoes to the skillet.

  10. Add in the salt, black pepper and cayenne pepper and mix it all together.

  11. Pat your potato mixture down into the pan and let that cook for a good 3 minutes. Stirring the mixture until the potatoes start to brown, maybe 2 more minutes.

  12. Add in the crumbled bacon and cook for another minute or two.

  13. Remove from the heat and flatten down the potato mixture into the skillet . (I just pat the whole mixture down with my wooden spoon or spatula)

  14. Make yourself 4 little indentations into the hash and crack and pour one egg into each indentation. Top with the shredded cheese, not covering the eggs.

  15. Transfer your skillet to the preheated oven and bake until the egg whites set, about 8-10 minutes. Top with the chopped parsley or cilantro and serve it right up! YUM!


* If the towels are really wet, throw them away and pull off some new sheets to absorb most of the remaining moisture. Some folks put the shredded potatoes into a kitchen towel and squeeze over the sink, BUT I’ve found that sometimes the detergent (taste) that you washed the kitchen towel in might seep into the potatoes. So, paper towel seems to work just fine.

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